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Premium Quality

Our attention to detail drives us to provide you with durable, high-quality clothing for contemporary life that guarantees maximum performance. With the highest quality materials, insulating fabrics, zippers, and sturdy accessories, every element of our clothes is chosen to give you the best quality finish. Husavik Outwears are made to last and will protect you for a very long time.

Innovative Design

Inspired by Husavik, located 20 miles from the Icelandic Arctic Circle, we design practical outerwear adapted to the harshest climates. Resolutely urban and trendy, our products meet your needs in terms of comfort and use. Combining quality, technological innovation, and creativity, our outerwears are for those who want to look sophisticated, chic, and stylish.

Thermal Efficiency

Our outwears are made with lightweight insulating materials, duck down and feather, pearl cotton, organic velvet to maximize insulation and keep warm while maintaining lightness and comfort. The shell materials are densely woven, breathable with a water repellent exterior finish to stop water, wind, ice, and snow and keep your most prized possession dry and warm.

Reversible Apollo

You will love our Apollo reversible winter jacket that will bring you a touch of stellar glamour. It offers you a double style option and the power to change your look in a blink of an eye. Apollo line is Two jackets in One to bring you comfort and style every day. Available in various colors

Do you love it long or medium length?

When winter sets in for good, we all want to treat ourselves to a warm and comforting seasonal coat. Husavik Story’s winter jackets and coats, whether mid-length, long, or extra-long, will suit your style and fit your needs. Which one will you choose to enhance your silhouette? Vik’s timeless elegance liven up any outfit or Fjordur’s casual, modern look to live the cold with style?

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing"

Icelandic saying

Go Green This Winter

The must-have color of winter 2022

More Than A Color, Green is Future