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About Us

Outsiders by nature, inspired by the breathtaking scenery and bubbling energy of the land of Fire and Ice, we provide warm and comfortable outerwear for women. Designed to withstand the harshest winter, Husavik Story’s coats and jackets are high quality, efficient and reliable, trendy and practical. They will be worn and cherished for years. We want to share the spirit of Husavik Story with you and carry the values inspired by the Icelandic spirit. Perseverance, endurance, a sense of intense joy, absolute contentment with nature and life. These values are part of the Icelandic soul. Our brand proudly carries this philosophy of life. It is the living spirit of Husavik Story.

We Love Iceland's Nature

We love Iceland, where thousand-year-old glaciers and snow-capped mountains give way to rolling plains and wild rivers of pure water. These fantastic landscapes are shaped by the largest volcanoes on the planet. Their bubbling energy brings fire but also warmth to our homes. The Land of Fire and Ice is a country with extreme climatic conditions, yet living in the open air is at the heart of Icelandic culture. Icelanders are people who have always lived in harmony with nature. Being outside and enjoying the pure nature, seeking peace and breathing fresh air, no matter what the weather, is part of the Icelandic soul.

We Love Outdoor Adventures

Outsiders by nature, we once came across Husavik, a small town located on the northernmost coast of Iceland, a few nautical miles from the Arctic Circle. Known as much for its harsh Arctic winters and glorious summers, sheltered in the beautiful Skj√°lfandi Bay where the imposing mountains meet the ocean, Husavik is a small but vibrant town at the heart of Icelandic culture. With its authentic Icelandic houses, beautiful harbor, and old-fashioned boats, Husavik is a fascinating place for whale watching and the amazing spectacle of the Northern Lights. While contemplating the glittering ocean in this fantastic setting, a wonderful idea popped up. That of focusing our energy on a simple vision: to provide warm and comfortable winter outerwear while keeping in mind the design aspect so that women can enjoy wearing them in all circumstances. Our brand Husavik Story was born.

We believe that the weather should not stop us

Icelanders know the beauty of the far north and the challenges it imposes. Near the Arctic Circle, living in Iceland requires drastic clothing decisions. It is said to be the land of “4 seasons in 5 minutes”. Guided by the wisdom of this old Icelandic adage, appropriate clothing is a necessity. We have designed our clothing to withstand the Icelandic climate with this heritage in mind. And while they may be suitable for the cold environment of northern Iceland, they will be suitable anywhere.

We Want To Offer Quality, Efficiency, And Style

The quality of the materials we use, the demand for durability, which does not exclude a beautiful cut and a high style, is part of Husavik Story’s credo. We want to offer high-quality, efficient, and reliable feminine, elegant, and practical clothing that can be worn, cared for, and cherished season after season. We want them to provide years of fun, warmth, and protection for urban women and nature lovers. To offer the perfect combination for all women with a demanding and dynamic attitude.

We Want To Share With Everyone the Husavik Story Spirit

Iceland is more than just beautiful surroundings and landscapes. There is something more: the Icelandic spirit. In harsh geography and sometimes extreme living conditions, perseverance, endurance, and fighting spirit have allowed the community to live, overcome adversity and flourish. Against all odds, the Icelandic people have built and surpassed themselves. Today, as those who reap the fruits of their labor with satisfaction, this translates into an intense feeling of joy. Absolute contentment in nature and life. Icelanders are rated the happiest people on earth. No matter how old you are, whether you’re walking by the ocean, enjoying a beautiful sunset, climbing to the top of a volcano, skiing, running, or enjoying the great outdoors, this feeling of joy and confidence in life accompanies Icelanders. It is a deep marker of the Icelandic psyche. We have adopted this characteristic of the Icelandic soul as a simple philosophy of life. Our brand proudly carries these principles; it is the living spirit of Husavik Story.